Peace CT ✌🏽️💚

Heading South today, slowly making my way back to Kauai.  Grateful for all the people ~ plants ~ creatures ~ spirits holding it down here for Pachamama • Mother Earth.  StAr Family Thank you for your Presence ~ Sharing your Essence with the World.  We are all doing our part as best we can to shift ~ challenge the what the media and institutions feed us. Rising above common knowledge to enlighten our own divine truth.  What Life really means for you.  Taking action to create the reality we need to Breathe.

Being in an urban environment, eye felt the best tools for Balance were: Listening to Music that really speaks to Spirit // the Heart, BEing Barefoot in Nature, cleansing my Energy with Sage & Palo Santo, Candle firelight, Journaling, Creative Expression, Yoga and eating Raw Vegan food.

Developing a daily ritual//practice will transform the way you look and feel about yourSelf and the world. Inner reality reflects outer reality.  Showing gratitude, moving//getting grounded into your body, running, hiking, singing, playing with your pet ~ whatever your medicine may be ~ let it bring you Heartfelt Joy!  We all need Joy.  The Earth & all of Nature feels our Joy.  We are not separate!

Find your Center.  Take time to Balance your heart, mind & energy.  May we work together in Harmony to create our Dream Reality!  Keep shining your Lights so Bright Sisters & Brothers!

So much Love 💕 Happy Full Moon


Open your Heart


Medicinal Infusion

A medicinal infusion (tea) is made with more delicate parts of plants, such as the flowers, leaves, some seeds and berries.  This Berry-Good Tea has a soothing aroma and a gentle sweetness.  Fill your heart up with nourishing antioxidants by enjoying 1/2 – 2 cups / day. Support and care for your heart.

I was given this recipe from my dedicated Naturopathic Doctor at UB Clinics.  Earlier that week I attended a Shamanic Sound Healing; then when I arrived back home, I felt and released deep pain in my heart.  This stemmed from the loss of my older brother, 10 years ago.  I mourned and cried like it had just happened.  MahaKundalini (cosmic prana) was awakened when my body spontaneously moved through heart-opening yoga poses. I was starving to fill my entire body with breath! This deep emotional – spiritual wound was rising (again) to the surface.  I had to honor this.. what it felt like to lose physical connection with my brother.  Now, I know more than ever, that his spirit lives through me and I am blessed to have found the light in the darkness.

When preparing the beautiful ingredients for this tea, I would set an intention for the energy that went into making it.  This could be any word/thought/emotion.  A lot of times I would also make up my own mantra and just sing as I thoughtfully stirred the herbs ~ “I am love, you are love.”  I would be craving this tea by the time it was ready.  Every cup I drank I could feel self-love & calmness pouring into me.  Each sip I felt a deeper connection to my body.  Being able to give my body what it needs in the least harmful way. That is the brilliance of plant medicine.  This lovely tea was a stepping stone in my healing process. Forever, I am grateful to my doctor and all those who have helped me on this healing journey. Whether you’ve suffered great loss or not – we all need lots of nourishment in our hearts!

I made this tea in bulk because I was recommended to drink 1-2cups / day.  So, I boiled 12 cups of water then added 1 cup + 2 tbsp of the combined berries & rosehips.  This gave me about 8 cups of tea after steeping and straining.  Try it, you will love it!

Berry Good steep


» 2 parts dried elderberry

» 2 parts dried rose hip

» 1 part dried blueberry

» 1 part hawthorne berry

(lemon slice, local honey are optional.)


  1. Gently combine all dried berries & rose hips.
  2. Bring a pot of water to boil.
  3. Turn off burner and pour in dry ingredients.
  4. Let steep 30-45 min.The length of steeping time & amount of ingredients used will affect the strength of the tea.
  5. Strain and drink.  You can enjoy this tea warm or iced.  Store leftover tea in a large glass jar kept in the refrigerator.

To learn more about medicinal plant infusions check out the book Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow and Use by Rosemary Gladstar.