Lion’s Gate breath

As we walk the Earth during this transformative portal of Light, it’s important to come back to our center when e-motions, challenges, old programs arise. Witnessing what is happening as the Observer.. loving and releasing what is no longer serving.

The center of the Mother Galaxy is aligned with Dog Star Sirius + our Grandfather Sun. Massaging our Mother Earth with waves of rich golden light.

This energy may be felt consciously or unconsciously in our physical and subtle bodies. Our DNA is being upgraded to heal and shift the vibration of life on Earth.  Ascending higher in Heart Consciousness. The center of what we were all born here to do ~ LOVE. The strongest force on Earth.

This is our true nature. Just as we come out of the womb. Before we are tainted with societal pressures and old stories//ways of being energetically forced on us by our family and other relations. We are here to shift it. Heal it.

Purifying our hearts, wash them clean, to connect more deeply with ourcellves and commUnity. Knowing trusting loving surrendering to the process. We hold infinite potential to carry out our hearts truest treasure ! One conscious breath at a time. Opening our Hearts with the Courage of patience and grace 🦁✨

This 7min sound bath is an opportunity for you to tap deeper within your being during this intense time of transmission and transformation. Eye am here to re-mind you to take some space to chill and integrate. Connect with the cosmic essence of the breath. >>Breathing in<< new life deep into your Heart and <<Exhaling>> clearing out old habits//thoughts.

Visualize yourcellf in an orb of glowing light as you close your eyes to receive this energy clearing. For your highest healing in devotion to our Earth Mother, each other & all beings everywhere.

🌬c l e a r  a i r


Aloha Earthlings!

My heart feels such peace and wholeness having shared an abundance of EARTH + SKY Sound Meditations throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts this Spring and Summer! Grounding in healing for Pachamama and all beings who inhabit Her. For, we are One ♥️

As we shift into the New Moon cycle and eclipse season ~ eye feel the winds moving my Spirit to continue sharing this Sound experience across the United States. In complete trust and divine presence that my journey will align me with the energies and opportunities to spread healing and awakening to Earth’s children. All of us. We are all in this together ya!

Please InJoy a sound share from a recent EARTH + SKY Sound Meditation at Avant Garde Holistic Center in Branford, CT. Also, if you are looking to host a sound meditation in CT-NY-PA-OH-IL-IA-NE-CO-UT-NV-CA please connect.

🌸 Infinite Love & Eternal Light ☀️


No one knows your body better than you!  Tap into your own intuitive wisdom to FEEL when your energy needs to be nurtured, realigned, reset.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  Here are some helpful tips on how to stay balanced.  eye ask that you may redefine the term ‘medicine’ to be an act of self-care, intention, visualization, teaching that is presented in the form of ancient wisdom from the Self, plant and animal kingdom.  Nature provides everything we NEED.  Find your medicine and use it!

Bless Up  💧  One Love  💧  One Earth

*Bear with me as this was my first video recording myself.  Learning, refining, relaxing, breathing 🙂

Water is Life.



We all carry our own perception of life.  Life, as we see it through our own unique lens. The lens is made up of all of our experiences.  Some happy, some challenging. We choose how to perceive them.  This makes us more aware in our conscious.

We cannot change past troubles that may still linger in our subconscious.  We CAN change how we interpret them. By using our power to reframe our perception.  This is a practice of self-love.  Honoring our challenges by loving ourselves enough to fully let go and heal.

Feel EVERYTHING that comes up–all emotions, bodily sensations, scream, sing, cry, sweat.. let it flow. Let it go.  Without any judgement.  When we let go of old stories that don’t serve our highest potential, we make new space to be filled with Growth, Peace, Acceptance and New, Positive experiences.

We solidify letting go of what doesn’t serve us by reframing our perception of challenging experiences.  Transform it into a strength or positive attribute that you took away. Write it out in a journal.  Read your new story aloud to yourself.  Imprint it in your psyche.

“Old Story”   //

“My heart was ripped out of my chest and crushed by a failed relationship.”

//  “New Story”

“I was in a challenging relationship that empowered me to take proactive approach to my overall health and well being.


Bam!  You’ve been transformed into a butterfly!  Our minds are a tricky instrument.  We need to know how and when to use them. We are not ruled by the mind.. unless we let it take control. To keep your mind in check, nurture all the new space that you now cleared with Life force–your BREATH.  Our breath directly influences our brain chemistry.  It will immediately calm you and fill your body up with what it needs most! Life (:  Always remember, we as humans, are of the Heart.  We are Spirit.