Open your Heart


Medicinal Infusion

A medicinal infusion (tea) is made with more delicate parts of plants, such as the flowers, leaves, some seeds and berries.  This Berry-Good Tea has a soothing aroma and a gentle sweetness.  Fill your heart up with nourishing antioxidants by enjoying 1/2 – 2 cups / day. Support and care for your heart.

I was given this recipe from my dedicated Naturopathic Doctor at UB Clinics.  Earlier that week I attended a Shamanic Sound Healing; then when I arrived back home, I felt and released deep pain in my heart.  This stemmed from the loss of my older brother, 10 years ago.  I mourned and cried like it had just happened.  MahaKundalini (cosmic prana) was awakened when my body spontaneously moved through heart-opening yoga poses. I was starving to fill my entire body with breath! This deep emotional – spiritual wound was rising (again) to the surface.  I had to honor this.. what it felt like to lose physical connection with my brother.  Now, I know more than ever, that his spirit lives through me and I am blessed to have found the light in the darkness.

When preparing the beautiful ingredients for this tea, I would set an intention for the energy that went into making it.  This could be any word/thought/emotion.  A lot of times I would also make up my own mantra and just sing as I thoughtfully stirred the herbs ~ “I am love, you are love.”  I would be craving this tea by the time it was ready.  Every cup I drank I could feel self-love & calmness pouring into me.  Each sip I felt a deeper connection to my body.  Being able to give my body what it needs in the least harmful way. That is the brilliance of plant medicine.  This lovely tea was a stepping stone in my healing process. Forever, I am grateful to my doctor and all those who have helped me on this healing journey. Whether you’ve suffered great loss or not – we all need lots of nourishment in our hearts!

I made this tea in bulk because I was recommended to drink 1-2cups / day.  So, I boiled 12 cups of water then added 1 cup + 2 tbsp of the combined berries & rosehips.  This gave me about 8 cups of tea after steeping and straining.  Try it, you will love it!

Berry Good steep


» 2 parts dried elderberry

» 2 parts dried rose hip

» 1 part dried blueberry

» 1 part hawthorne berry

(lemon slice, local honey are optional.)


  1. Gently combine all dried berries & rose hips.
  2. Bring a pot of water to boil.
  3. Turn off burner and pour in dry ingredients.
  4. Let steep 30-45 min.The length of steeping time & amount of ingredients used will affect the strength of the tea.
  5. Strain and drink.  You can enjoy this tea warm or iced.  Store leftover tea in a large glass jar kept in the refrigerator.

To learn more about medicinal plant infusions check out the book Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow and Use by Rosemary Gladstar.