Sound Ceremony

“The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” ~Edgar Cayce

Sound has been used as a tool for healing in many cultures for thousands of years. Its re-emergence in our modern society is critical to awaken humanity to the vibration of


Sacred Sound Frequencies promote healing at a cellular level. All parts of the human body & everything in existence emits a certain vibration. Some vibrations are audible, many are not.

When a body part or organ is healthy, it vibrates at a natural resonant frequency in harmony with all parts of the body. When a part of the body is not vibrating in harmony, dis-ease occurs. Sound projected into a dis-eased part of the body restores harmonic patterns.

Sound layered with the power of Intention (a clear, heart-centered focus) increases healing energy. Adding another layer of healing vibration, Crystal Singing Bowls can store, transfer, amplify and transform energy. Creating powerful results as the body attunes back to harmony.

Entrainment through Sound synchronizes brainwaves to a stable frequency they can attune to. Rhythm and frequency entrain our brainwaves to shift into different states of consciousness:

GAMMA (cognitive function; processing tasks)

BETA (normal waking consciousness, alert)

ALPHA (relaxed consciousness; flowing thoughts)

THETA (vivid imagination, intuition, meditative state)

DELTA (deep dreamless sleep; internal healing)

Sound tools used during a Sound Ceremony are Voice, Native American Medicine Drum, Tuning Forks, Rattle, Tingsha, Tibetan Singing Bowl and 432hz Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Sound vibration helps to remove blockages and stagnancy that may show up as physical and emotional pain or trauma. The frequency of 432hz helps release emotional and mental blockages, expand consciousness and align with intuition.

Common therapeutic effects of Sound Healing are:

  • Feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility
  • Deep cleansing of the energetic field and chakras
  • Balances nervous system allowing for a deeper connection with Self
  • Clarity, heart opening, unity
  • Experiencing deeper states of consciousness



What is a Sound Session like?

During a Sound Session, you are laying down in complete relaxation. Focusing on the natural flow of your breath. Deepening into relaxation, you become more aware of the Sound. The Sound helps to bring stillness and deeper connection to your inner Self. *It is always recommended to drink plenty of Water before and after.


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