Joshua Tree Adventures

December Blessings to All!

Eye arrived in Joshua Tree, CA on what was a very joyful GivingThanks Day. This place is so sacred and special to me. Eye lived here for 5 months, 6 years ago! This was actually my 2nd Thanks-Giving spent here and eye am glad to be back!!

Eye spent the evening in Joshua Tree National Park. It was flooded with visitors coming during time off work and school to soak in the healing rays of Starlight and expansive desert mountains! Eye made my way out onto these huge white boulders, finding a surface area to lay down and take in the magnificent view of the Sky.

The Moon had just entered Her Waxing Crescent phase 🌒 so the Sky was dark and the Stars were twinkling so bright! My cells were dancing in delight feeling so nourished gazing into the Light of the Stars. Children were ooing and giggling nearby on other giant rocks, out in nature with there parents and siblings, it was really sweet to listen to their innocent curiosity and playfulness.

After a while, eye crawled inside my Fox Den and made some epic sushi wraps with a tahini ginger sauce. Eye drove from NV to CA that day so soon after dinner eye found a safe space to park and camp for the night.

It’s been 9 days eye have been camping in the Park having a lot of time close to nature ~ creating, singing, climbing, resting, star and moon gazing, dreaming and reflecting. Feeling ultimately blessed through the spectrum of this experience. Taking it all in as medicine to grow stronger and healthier.

Eye am currently reweaving myself into commUnity here and spreading word about Sound and Sacred Jewelry offerings. Trusting in the Flow of guidance to sync with the people and places eye am supposed to be for divine opportunities to blossom.

Here is a Crystal Sound Bath eye recorded at Sunrise on December 1 in the Park. Hope All are InJoying this season of reflection, releasing & cleansing as we come into deeper, unconditional self-love.

Also, eye am now accepting care packages and love mail to help support my journey! Eye will be grounded in Joshua Tree till at least the New Year so you can reach me ~ simply at:

Kristina Ulrich

General Delivery

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

May All Beings Be Happy and Free!

Peace ✌🏾

Fox Den Tour + Updates from the Road


Here is an exclusive full tour of my Fox Den camper!

My Grandfather and eye built it together this Fall to house my spirit on a journey West sharing the EARTH + SKY Sound Meditation. Hear what what eye have been up to on the Journey thus far from CT >> CO.


Big Blessings now from Joshua Tree, CA!

May you live in Joy & Peace

Garden of the Gods


Eye made it to Colorado and am in route to deep reflection space in Utah. Arrived for a sweet Sunrise at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado! Beautiful colors and vibrations all around!

Sending love through the sound waves to you and your loved ones.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Beings Be Happy and Free



We Can See Heaven on Earth

Aloha Family


Greetings during the potent energy post-eclipse. We are all feeling it. In some way, some form. For me, eye have been painfully sick for 7 days. Today eye prayed to my brother Christopher’s Spirit (who transitioned 12 years ago) to help guide me in what eye am supposed to do to clear this dis-ease within me. …..Eye needed to sing! Makes sense because the dis-ease eye have been experiencing has been in my High Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and mostly Crown Chakras. Whoa! So here we go.. a divine message coming through. Sang for all my neighbors and all of Nature to hear ❤

Waking up ever more, one breath at a time. Make sure to give your body & spirit ample rest and reflection space during this time of DNA upgrades, Eclipse-Integration and Mercury Retrograde. Blessed Healing! (:

Thank YOU for Listening *:.



Lion’s Gate breath

As we walk the Earth during this transformative portal of Light, it’s important to come back to our center when e-motions, challenges, old programs arise. Witnessing what is happening as the Observer.. loving and releasing what is no longer serving.

The center of the Mother Galaxy is aligned with Dog Star Sirius + our Grandfather Sun. Massaging our Mother Earth with waves of rich golden light.

This energy may be felt consciously or unconsciously in our physical and subtle bodies. Our DNA is being upgraded to heal and shift the vibration of life on Earth.  Ascending higher in Heart Consciousness. The center of what we were all born here to do ~ LOVE. The strongest force on Earth.

This is our true nature. Just as we come out of the womb. Before we are tainted with societal pressures and old stories//ways of being energetically forced on us by our family and other relations. We are here to shift it. Heal it.

Purifying our hearts, wash them clean, to connect more deeply with ourcellves and commUnity. Knowing trusting loving surrendering to the process. We hold infinite potential to carry out our hearts truest treasure ! One conscious breath at a time. Opening our Hearts with the Courage of patience and grace 🦁✨

This 7min sound bath is an opportunity for you to tap deeper within your being during this intense time of transmission and transformation. Eye am here to re-mind you to take some space to chill and integrate. Connect with the cosmic essence of the breath. >>Breathing in<< new life deep into your Heart and <<Exhaling>> clearing out old habits//thoughts.

Visualize yourcellf in an orb of glowing light as you close your eyes to receive this energy clearing. For your highest healing in devotion to our Earth Mother, each other & all beings everywhere.

🌬c l e a r  a i r


Aloha Earthlings!

My heart feels such peace and wholeness having shared an abundance of EARTH + SKY Sound Meditations throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts this Spring and Summer! Grounding in healing for Pachamama and all beings who inhabit Her. For, we are One ♥️

As we shift into the New Moon cycle and eclipse season ~ eye feel the winds moving my Spirit to continue sharing this Sound experience across the United States. In complete trust and divine presence that my journey will align me with the energies and opportunities to spread healing and awakening to Earth’s children. All of us. We are all in this together ya!

Please InJoy a sound share from a recent EARTH + SKY Sound Meditation at Avant Garde Holistic Center in Branford, CT. Also, if you are looking to host a sound meditation in CT-NY-PA-OH-IL-IA-NE-CO-UT-NV-CA please connect.

🌸 Infinite Love & Eternal Light ☀️

Sound Healing flow

Aloha! Put together a Sound Healing video of a longer length to be an aid in your relaxation, meditation or just hanging out soaking up good vibes! This session includes drum medicine, rattle, voice, 432hz alchemy crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowl.

New Moon Blessings to All.


Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chunk Cookies

This recipe has been a keepsake for years. Winning the hearts of lovers and family members. Immediately raising the vibrations in a space through their tender aroma and chewy, wholesome amazingness. Step up your cookie game with buying organic, non-gmo ingredients. Time to vote for planetary health with our dollar, with our word and with our actions! A healthy planet = healthy people

So let’s get to it! Feel into your heart space and feel the first word/vision that comes to mind. Let that be your intention as you create cookie medicine for yourself and whoever you may share them with! Sharing is caring! ❤

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 large bowl (for dry ingredients) + 1 small bowl (for wet ingredients)
  • Wooden spoon for mixing.. you may need to hand massage the batter at the very end (more excuses to taste it!:)
  • Cookie sheet
  • Fork


  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1/2 cup cane sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups of rolled oats
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 3/4 cup raisins
  • 1 dark chocolate bar, chopped

Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). In small bowl, mix coconut oil, banana, cane sugar and vanilla extract till smooth. In large bowl, toss flour, oats, baking soda, cinnamon, sea salt till evenly combined. Lightly oil your cookie sheet with coconut oil. Stir in wet ingredients into the large bowl of the dry. Mix as best as you can with the spoon. Add raisins and chocolate chunks and lovingly massage with your hand. Everything gets more of your love as you revisit your intention and put your divine energy into your creation (or co-creation ❤ )

Now roll into cookie dough balls and place on cookie sheet. You may want to play with flattening them out a bit, depending on what kind of cookie shape you are envisioning. Makes 12 cookies or so. Bake for 10-12 minutes (every oven is different). Take them out just as edges look golden and tops still look soft. Allow them space to cool and expand into their full cookie potential.



Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen!

Healthy & Happy Smoothie


Ahhhh Wow this smoothie was so nourishing after 2.5 hours of Yoga this morning (Yin & Yang practices)! So GreatFull to be back in a regular flow of Yoga. Eye made a promise to mycellf that Eye am doing 31 yoga classes for the month of April! What is so beautiful about this intention is that it just naturally happened, with such ease and listening! My body, mind and spirit know that this is what Eye need right now to stay in balance and create from a pure space.

So, Eye was inspired by how OMazing eye am feeling in my lifestyle, and on this beautiful warm spring day, that Eye decided to film a smoothie recipe & share it with you!

What we do for our insides–our breath, organs, state-of-mind, directly reflects what goes on in the outside–our body, our actions, our vibe. Support your heart-space in whatever way that makes you feel nourished, from the inside out. Eye love you. Thank you.



Eye love making choices that are good for the environment, so eye choose to use reusable products as much as Eye can! The sweet stainless steel straw in this video is made by Eco at Heart.

Sound Meditation

Wow!  My body, mind & spirit feel realigned after an evening of conscious and free-flowing movement with New Haven Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv with Jackie Ryan.  Big hugs and deep gratitude for this beautiful love tribe right here in CT!

We are returning to the light.  Aho ❤