Aloha Family 🌈


Eye am so grateful our paths have crossed! Eye invite you to Breathe Awareness into your Heart Center as we collectively ground healing energy into ourcellves and Mother Earth. Mother Earth Rising is devoted to healing the Divine Feminine within the Earth and all beings who Receive Her. We are born unto this planet & have unlimited potential as the Divine Human Beings that we are. Love is our power and when aligned with our Thoughts, Actions and Intentions–magic can happen. We are living in the Age of Aquarius that calls for us to live in a way that Honors our connection with Mother Earth and all our relations — animals, plants, humans & beyond.

We are all co-creating our experience here on Earth and have the opportunity to shift into Pure Source Love for the evolution of our species, Gaia and the Cosmos. Our entire existence is interconnected to all other expressions of Creation. Many Conscious Creators have integrated this Higher Knowing into our Being. As we Embody these Truths, we consciously choose to Love Unconditionally with Compassion for all.

Love is our most pure, natural state that is rooted in our Heart. Mother Earth Rising is an offering to Awaken the children of Gaia to collectively unify in heart consciousness. Eye am here in Service as a Stewardess of the Earth to offer Sound Ceremony with intention to support Earth Ascension. To Sound our evolution into pure heart & unity consciousness. Walking the Way of the Rainbow Light to weave our collective healing & expansion in this multidimensional experience.

Breathe deep and consciousness shall reap. The Sun speaks:

“Mother Earth is Rising!”


We are One.

In Love & Light,


Founder & Co-Creatress of Mother Earth Rising Collective

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Tina! This is Tom from the Badlands. How are you? Where are you? Did you make it to Devil’s Tower and Yellowstone? So many questions 🙂 I am well. Still in the Black Hills of S.D., just about ready to leave for Detroit. It was a pleasure to meet you, you have such positive healthy energy. I hope our paths cross again soon. Until then, be well. -Tom


    • journey2earthwellness says:

      Hey Tom!
      It was great to meet you in the wondrous Badlands of SD. I am well and currently staying in Bend, OR. Great views and lots of rivers in the here in the hi-desert! Yes, I made it to Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower. I was really blown away at DT. There was a native tribe that had been camping there for 2 weeks. I was feeling a lot of sacred and healing vibrations while camping. I hiked the trail from the bottom to top and had a beautiful meditation. Thank you for inspiring my visit! We shall meet again! Enjoy the ride back to NY. I look forward to reading your book (: and appreciate the work you are doing!



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