Healthy & Happy Smoothie


Ahhhh Wow this smoothie was so nourishing after 2.5 hours of Yoga this morning (Yin & Yang practices)! So GreatFull to be back in a regular flow of Yoga. Eye made a promise to mycellf that Eye am doing 31 yoga classes for the month of April! What is so beautiful about this intention is that it just naturally happened, with such ease and listening! My body, mind and spirit know that this is what Eye need right now to stay in balance and create from a pure space.

So, Eye was inspired by how OMazing eye am feeling in my lifestyle, and on this beautiful warm spring day, that Eye decided to film a smoothie recipe & share it with you!

What we do for our insides–our breath, organs, state-of-mind, directly reflects what goes on in the outside–our body, our actions, our vibe. Support your heart-space in whatever way that makes you feel nourished, from the inside out. Eye love you. Thank you.



Eye love making choices that are good for the environment, so eye choose to use reusable products as much as Eye can! The sweet stainless steel straw in this video is made by Eco at Heart.

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