keep the good ViBES flowin

Armadillo Medicine is wandering by 2day 2 remind you how to keep the good ViBES flowin. armadillo medicineArmadillo wears its medicine on its back. she can roll into a ball & never be penetrated by enemies.  set your boundaries 2 protect your ViBE from harmful words or intentions.  if you ever feel invaded, just call on Armadillo Medicine.  draw a Circle ~ this is your Medicine Shield.  write in it ~ all that you are desiring to have, do, or experience.  all things that bring you Pure Joy !  this sets up Boundaries that only these Chosen experiences will be allowed into your Life.  your Medicine Shield reflects your Spirit!   outside of the shield you may put what you are willing to ExPeriEnCe “by invitation only,” for example a visit from a long lost relative, or criticism from friends, or people needing handouts.’  That is Armadillo Medicine.

know your Boundaries.


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